Baku Puppet Theatre

The Baku Puppet Theatre (formally Abdulla Shaig Azerbaijan State Puppet Theatre) is located on Neftchiler Avenue of Baku. It was built in 1910 by Polish architect Jozef Ploszko, initially as the French Renaissance "Phenomenon" movie theater.

The puppets come in size from a few centimetres to double human growth.

The theatre building was erected at the Baku Boulevard when there was no greenery yet. The exhaust ventilation system was superseded by forced ventilation. When the movie theater was opened to the public in June 1910, its administration advertised the features of full air change, occurring every 15 minutes and special ozonator. In 1921, according to project of Azerbaijani architect Zivar-bey Akhmadbeyov the theatre was cardinally rebuilt for theatre "Satyragite". Since 1931 the theatre serves its current function, becoming independent in 1965.

Address: 36, Neftchiler ave.

Telephone: (+994 12) 492-64-25, 492-64-35, 492-44-58

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