Georgian and Albanian churches in Qax

There are two churches in Qax, one is perched above the cliff and one can only walk up there, no vehicles have access to it. The other one is in the centre of the settlement itself, so access is quite easy. And if you go around sunset, you can watch all the swallow dive-bombing for mosquitoes. There are a few other ruins in the outskirts of town, but that's not why you come to Qax. It is instead to use it as a base to explore other villages in the area.
The most celebrated of the historic churches in Qax is a ruined Albanian church perched above the dilapidated A20 road 3km south of town. It is better to ge tthere early in the morning and watch other people going to church. Some people even bring their sheep and chickens up in order to bless them before they are sacrificed for lunch. As you get close to the church, there would be some rocks which people use to stick their candles, light them and say a few prayers. A few short steps beyond the candle rocks you will reach the church itself. When you reach the church, you are supposed to walk around it 3 times before going in, then burn candles, and say prayers. The people who bring their live sacrifices up have their animals walk around the church 3 times too. When you come out of the church, you can walk up and stand on top of this rock. From this rock is a nice view of the surrounding area and of the top of the church. When descending from the rock, many people ring the bell that hangs from a tree.

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