Trekking tours to Bazarduzi and Shakhdag

Unfortunately, Azerbaijan24 is no longer accepting bookings for trekking and hiking tours in Bazarduzi and Shakhdag area - the highest peaks in Azerbaijan, due to highly bureaucratic procedures and outrageous paperwork introduced by authorities that makes any preparations and arrangements too time consuming and expensive. 

Both Bazarduzi and Shahdag mountain territories were designated to newly established National Park and to make entry to the park one has to obtain a special permit from Ministry of Ecology in Baku. Due to border restrictions, there also be needed passport copies for authorization from officials. The permits take around 3 weeks to obtain and would cost 27 AZN to AZ citizens and 56 AZN to all other nationals. Besides paperwork, and this is mostly unexplainable, any trekker should be accompanied by 2 representatives from Ministry of Ecology all the way, who presumably will keep under their control all trekking/hiking. Obviously, all the costs for food/lodging/transportation/fees has to be covered by tourist. 

As an alternative we can arrange for you daily walking in surrounding mountains with homestay accommodation and tasty national food in local villages: Lahic and Galadjyg