Xinalyg - Laza excursions
Tour type: Adventure, General, MountainsPrice: $550.00Duration: 1from May to September

The day will start early in the morning as it takes around 4 hours to drive from Baku to Quba and then further 2 hours from there to Xinalyg. Be ready to have a lot of driving within a day

Not far from Guba you'll also find the village of Khynalygh, with an ethnic group of 2000 khynalyghs who have preserved the original language, customs and traditions. The small yet miraculous Khynalygh is located at the peak of the Caucasus Mountains, 2,350 meters above the sea in Guba region.

Khynalygh ethnic group has been living in the Caucasus for thousands of years. They have managed to retain their language, customs and traditions for thousands of years.

Until 2006, the village was inaccessible for nine months of the year, due to poor road conditions. However, the situation has changed and now more and more
local and foreign tourists visit the isolated village. The village is inhabited with over 2,000 light-skinned and blue-eyed people who consider themselves as ancestors of the prophet Noah.

People of Khynalygh are supposed to be one of the 26 Albanian tribes described in the "Geography" of Strabon. The feature is reflected in the numerous Albanian
cemeteries in the village and the language that stands out from other Albanian tribes' languages. Today, the inhabitants are engaged in sheep breeding and creating traditional household facilities.

Laza village is located 30 km away from the rural village of Khinalig and belonging to Lezgin ethnic group. Rural residents living there keep their traditions as long years ago. They were one of the oldest ethnic Lezghins tribes the great state of Caucasian Albania, which became the leading tribes. 26 out of the houses of the village consists of a total of 130 people. The last representatives of the most ancient population of the Caucasus live here. In addition, in the village, travelers are impressed with the look of hand-carpets of Laza village residents. Dinner in the village consisting of traditional food of the place (for additional price)


Package includes:

 - Guide 
 - Local driver with vehicle, exclusively for your tour

Not included into the package:

 - Any meals
 - Other personal expenses


N of pax

Tour cost for group (USD, $)

Cost per pax (USD, $) Special notes
2     4 seater sedan or 4WD vehicle to be provided
4     7 seater van to be provided
5 550 110 15 seater van to be provided to allow luggage
8     15/20 seater van to be provided to allow luggage
10     15/20 seater van to be provided to allow luggage
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