Azerbaijan visa in Batumi

I went there Tuesday afternoon and he told me you have to come in the morning it opens at 11am, then he said well now your here just do it! I had a booking( just a print out didnt actualy book anything) he didnt make me fill out the whole form and was super nice person and helpful indeed. He told me to pay 60usd dollars(Aussie passport) and come back friday, I didnt even need to leave my passport there. However I went back today Thursday and he did it for me in 10 minutes super easy and friendly! Get the Visa here any questions please ask!



My partner and I (both Australian citizens) got our Azerbijan visas in Batumi and thought we would share our experience...

We applied on a Friday- the consulate doesn't seem to open until 11am-12 noon. We were given 2 copies of a visa application form and asked to return in 2 hours with the completed form, a photocopy of our passport and 2 passport photos each. The forms asked for usual information plus questions on what visas you received over the last 5 years, accommodation details,and the name of a person inviting you into the country. We put down our Baku hotel name and contact details as the person inviting us. We did not need to provide any documentation from the hotel.

We submitted the forms to the consulate and then paid 115 Georgian lari each in cash. The price was apparently determined by our nationality. So in total 3 trips to the consulate- one to pick up forms, one to submit them and one to pay the fee in cash. We were told it would take 3 business days initially but then we were told to return on the Monday (ie. next business day) at 11am-12 noon.

The day we picked up our visas (the Monday) the man asked us if we filled in the forms ( he didn't seem to have looked at them), asked what date we were going to Azerbijan, then approved a 30 day visa starting the following day (we had only asked for 14 days on the form). We then had to take the visa and get a photocopy to return it to the consulate. There are plenty of xerox shops near by so it didn't take long. So total of 2 visits to the consulate on the day of pick up.

Hope that helps. Seems to be pretty straight forward in Batumi and certainly cheaper than Tbilisi who quoted us 310 USD each for a completed visa application.

At the border we were asked if we had ever been to Armenia (we hadn't), our relationship ('friends'), what the capital of Australia is and if we have kangaroos in Australia. I think they were trying to work out if we were from Austria or Australia!

Good luck !

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Aidan says...

I just got my Visa in Batumi. All went smoothly, no problems at all

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