Azerbaijan visa in Tbilisi

Thu Jun 05, 2014 11:32 am (Source)

An update, apologies that it is not very concise:

We arrived in Tbilisi yesterday. TL;DR short answer - we used Medea Travel to get a 15 day Tourist Visa with one week (five business day) turnaround for $200/person.

The Embassy of Azerbaijan is no longer located where it is described in the 2012 Lonely Planet Georgia guide. The Embassy is now located at the corner of Ibrahim Isfahanli St and Gorgasali St, by the Ortachala bus stop. There is an entrance for processing visa paperwork on Ibrahim Isfahanli St., just up the hill from the corner.

Here's the location on Google Maps (Georgia): ... 295a398fa2

The Embassy is open from 10 am - 12 pm M-F for receiving applications, and open again after 4 pm for picking up passports and visas. According to the staff I spoke to at a nearby travel agency, it is possible to get a five day Transit Visa, turnaround is about five business days. The dates on the visa are fixed (enter on or after day one, leave on or before day five). This is much less expensive, but I can't confirm the current price.

My understanding is that the embassy would prefer that for a Tourist Visa you use the e-visa process, which is currently quite slow (3-4 weeks in spring-summer time, 1-2 weeks in autumn/winter), or go through a travel agency. If someone else can verify this, that would be helpful.

I spoke to two tourist agencies in the area that assist with Azeri Visas. X-Tour is just to the west on Gorgasali St., and Medea Travel is just up the hill from the embassy entrance on Ibrahim Isfahanli St. I spoke to Irakli at Medea Travel ( ). She said she could process an application for a 15 day Tourist Visa in five business days (one week). She said for EU citizens the charge to process is 100 Euros per person. For US citizens it is 200 USD. She said for her office there was no way to further expedite the process. They also offered to come to my hotel to pick up the paperwork, or to have me come to their office. They held our passports during the process, and gave us a xerox copy to hold. The have the ability to take and print a visa photograph at their office as well.  tel : + 995 32 2 752875 address: v. gorgasali (fourth lane 4 #3) (or go to azer embassy and ask, 2 mins walk)

I also spoke to Inga at X-Tour ( ). She said she could process a Tourist Visa in 10 working days (two weeks) for $200 USD, or or in 3-4 working days for $260 USD. They did ask for a hotel voucher or some other proof of accommodation (not a print from, which Medea did not. This may be a better option if for some reason you needed the visa as fast as possible, but the hotel voucher was a minus for us.

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