This section contain structured information on different features of the Azerbaijan Republic, people’s life, touristic and travelling hints, heritage. You can find here general information about Azerbaijan, tourism and travel facilities, useful touristic contacts. Also we offer you here to get acquainted with ethnographic palette of Azerbaijan, its history, culture, monuments, cuisine, traditions of Azerbaijan and Azerbaijan maps.

Azerbaijan as a Country

Azerbaijan is a country in southeastern Europe, situated on the Caspian Sea. To the north the country border Russia, to the west border Armenia and on the south border Iran. Total area of Azerbaijan is 86,600 sq. km. Azerbaijan is located generally in subtropical zone and elongates from the north-west to south-east towards the Caspian Sea. Azerbaijan is a mountain country, where high ridges and plateaus combined with plains and lowlands. About 60% of the Azerbaijan territory is covered by mountains, and 40% by lowland.

Azerbaijan is rich in its history, ethnographic palette, different traditions, including religious and culinary ones, historical monuments. All this makes the country a great place for tourism.

Natural Resources of Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is rich also in minerals. It has oil (most of it is on the Absheron peninsula and at the bottom of the Caspian Sea), gas, alunite, iron ore, copper, polymetal ores, rock salt and other natural resourses. There are over than 600 mineral springs in Azerbaijan, most famous are Istisu (Carlsbad type), Badamlynski (Narzan type) and Surahanski. To the East of Ganja city is located the only in the world occurrence of a treatment oil named Naftalan. Oil from this source is considered to be an effective remedy for such diseases as arthritis, psoriasis and rheumatism.

Azerbaijan Handicraft

Azerbaijan preserved centuries-old tradition of hand-made carpets produced from natural ingredients. A significant share of the carpet production is exported primarily to such countries as England, Germany, China, France, USA and Japan.

Azerbaijan Cuisine

Azerbaijan cuisine has some differences in different regions of the country. Nevertheless, Azerbaijan cuisine is a very traditional cuisine. It has many well-known middle-eastern dishes as well as exclusive Azerbaijani foods. So far they bake white flour bread called churek, also it is widespread in the country and abroad Azerbaijani lavash — thin bread sheet. Among other traditional dishes of Azerbaijan is pilaf. It has many variations. The main ingridient is rice, prepared with different spices, then mixed with meat or poultry.

Azerbaijani dolma is also very popular dish both locally and abroad. Dolma consist of small balls with the meat stuffing, wrapped in grape leaves or other vegetable coverings.