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All foreigners visiting Azerbaijan for more than 10 days have to register with State Migration Service of Azerbaijan. Registration has to be made with the place where the foreigner plans to stay. Registration has to be made within first 9 days after entering the territory of Azerbaijan. Registration is done by receiving side (hotel, apartment owner, hospital, etc) or by travelers themselves. To register a filled-in application form has to be sent to State Migration Service by:

  1. e-mail:
  2. handed in person at: 202 Binagadi Highway, 3123 Block, Binagadi district, Baku city, Azerbaijan Republic, AZ1114 (or any regional office of Migration Service)
  3. or online here:

Documents to be emailed/posted: 1. Application 2. Copy of passport's photopage 

Once received State Migration Service will enter tourist's information into the so called Unified Migration Information System, registers them at the inviting party's address and informs the applicant about it within 1 business day. Registration is done for the period indicated in traveler's visa. No state fees are paid for registration. Failure to register is subject to fine of 300-350 AZN (Euros). 

Practical details: The new law is in force since April 1, 2013. Until recently registration was practically never checked when tourist exited the country. However, there are more and more reports that authorities started enforcing it and carry registration checks regularly. If you stay with the hotel they have to register you for free, but the problem is that most of the reception staff is either not aware of the rules, or just don't know how to do it. That is less likely to be an issue in top-end hotels, but with smaller ones that might be the case. So, do not assume the hotel you are staying at will register you. The onus is ultimately on you, the visitor! It is also possible to register at any post office. You can go to Cental Post office in Baku (at least there they know what you will ask for) and proceed to the right-hand-most desk. You will need to fill in the form pay postage fee (less than 1$) and get your stamped slip. 

If you fail to register you can go to Migration Service office where they will sort it out (either by paying fine OR banning you from entry to AZ for the next 1-2 years). Keep in mind that Migration Service operates only on weekdays and paying fine at the border is only available at Baku airport. So if you plan to exit some other way than Baku airport you just won't be able to do it over the weekend.  

Registration in Azerbaijan is essential and unavoidable. To enjoy your stay, follow the rules and make sure you are registered.

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Mehran says...

Hi,I reported from Azerbaijan because I forgot to register for a month and then I stayed in Baku without visa and registration for four months. Now I wanna pay the fine and go back to Baku. Is that possible and how? I'm in Turkey now

Namig Mammadhasanov says...

I’d like to extend my visa to Azerbaijan for 45 days Please let me know the process. My visa presently is for 30 days

Fazlullah says...

How to get visa pls as for me

Fazlullah says...




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